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Penwortham White Suffolks
At Penwortham White Suffolk Stud we breed rams to produce meaty lambs with rapid growth potential.  Based on our hardy Suffolk ewes, we commenced breeding White Suffolks in 2002. 
We select sheep to produce lambs with the best early growth rates, deep eye muscle and moderate fat.  Lambing weights are kept relatively low for easy birthing. 
Our lambs are weighed at birth, weaning and post weaning and scanned for fat and muscle measurements.  These are processed through Lamplan to further aid selection to meet our aims of high post weaning growth and positive muscling. 
Sires for artificial insemination are carefully selected from high ranking stud rams, with an emphasis on early growth rates. 
Find us at Bridgetown in the south west of Western Australia.
Animal Health
All animals are bred to thrive in paddock conditions.  What you see is what you get. 
Ovine Brucellosis: Ovine Brucellosis Free Accreditation #540
Johnes disease:  Animals have been vaccinated against Johnes with GudairŪ vaccine prior to sixteen weeks of age, from 2011 to 2016 drop.  Western Australia has been a low risk zone. 
Arthritis (Erysipelas polyarthritis).  Ewes are vaccinated with EryvacŪ prior to lambing to guard against polyarthritis in the progeny.   

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